The Consciousness of Healing

by Flavio Burgarella Medical Doctor - Therapeutic Meditation Advocate



meditazione terapeutica The first retreat on Therapeutic Meditation® was held on Sunday, July 6th, 2014, at the Burgarella Farm (, located in the municipalities of Bianzano and Spinone al Lago, on the Endine Lake, in the province of Bergamo. The day was organized according to the following program.

Meeting point at 9:00 am, at the Market Square in Casazza. Carpooling from the square to the entrance of the farm, in Via Boffalora n°1. Parking outside. Nature trail uphill to the farm headquarters. Arrival at the Hermitage of St. Mary of the Olive Trees.

Theoretical lesson in the conference room on the basic principles of Therapeutic Meditation® and its applications: concepts of epigenetics, medicine and vibrational energy, human magnetism and associated electromagnetic fields, morphic fields of information, telepathy and energy information from a distance. 

Practical lesson to internalize, through meditation, the elements of the Tibetan Medicine: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, with the aim to establish our connection between heaven and earth.

The four meditations are carried out in different landscapes: in the woods, near ancient chestnut trees, you become more familiar with the Earth element. When the Earth element is in balance, we feel confident, able to meet our basic needs for survival and to ensure material prosperity.

The second meditation is carried out near the waterfall called "ol Salt", to internalize the Water element. When the Water element is in balance, we feel agile and flexible in both body movements and desires; sexuality is seen as a balanced expression of love.

The meditation for the Fire element is performed in front of a brazier with burning wood, which is located in the arcade of the farm and it is normally used for grilled cooking. When the Fire element is in balance, we have the ability to put goals and achieve them, we have energy associated with high levels of motivation. We develop confidence in ourselves, we have the ability to make decisions and learn from everyday life.

The meditation to internalize the Air element is carried out at about 12:00 am on top of the hill, in front of a unique view of the lake, of the town of Monasterolo and of the "Colle San Fermo” mountain. At this time of the day a breeze called "Hour" comes up from the lake. When the Air element is in balance, we become compassionate and we have the ability to give where there is need, improving interpersonal relationships.

After meditation, there is the experience of the community lunch, with the home cooking of my wife Claudia. The cooking is based on the products of the farm: boiled eggs, corn porridge cooked on a wood stove, vegetables pie, soup. Fruit is harvested directly from plants: red, black and white currants, plums depending on the season. As dessert, walnut pie and coffee.

During a short rest, we pay a visit to the farm animals: Alice, Tilde, Iris, Luna, who are donkey, goats, sheep, and dogs. In the afternoon there is the second theoretical lesson, on the learning of exercises that can help to develop human faculties related to what explained in the lesson of the morning.

There is then the second practical lesson on meditation associated with techniques for the expansion of consciousness and with the principles of Sat Nam Rasayan. The "telepathic connection" with Martha, who is in the meantime meditating in Sardinia, is also experienced.

Free time to practice with the teammates of the course on the holistic arts of which each one have experience, such as Psych-K ®, shiatsu, craniosacral therapy, mesmerism, hypnotic techniques, fascination, etc.

There is then the experience of the Meditation of St. Mary of the Olive Trees, at the chapel dedicated to her, entailing a sense of peace and the development of a spiritual dimension. A few tips to increase the levels of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, before the tea time consumed on the terrace.

The floral tribute with herbs and the free pickup of lavender flowers ends the day at 5:30 pm. Return to the car parking.

Upcoming meetings are scheduled for Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 and Sunday, September 7th, 2014.

For reservations call to +39 3391119863 or write an e-mail to


Photo of the day